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的 亚当斯家族文件, most important manuscript collection owned by the Massachusetts Historical Society, contains of an extensive amount of material relating to John Adams (1735-1826), Abigail Adams (1744-1818),和ir descendants. og体育官网, dating from 1639 to 1889, includes correspondence, letterbooks, 日记, 文学手稿, 演讲, legal 和 business papers, 以及其他文件.

Collection Description

Members of the Adams family were involved in many important political events,和 亚当斯家族文件 detail their range of activities. Material covered in the papers includes the evolution of the American Revolution 和 diplomatic negotiations of peace; the formation of the new government in 1789; the international 和 internal crises at the end of the century; the founding of a permanent navy, Louisiana Purchase 和 policy of neutrality by embargo; the War of 1812; the establishment of U.S. Policy in this hemisphere by the terms of the Monroe Doctrine, largely written by John Quincy Adams; the expansion of the nation to continental proportions, complicated by the slavery issue; the Civil War, both in its military 和 diplomatic sphere; 和 problems of reconstruction 和 party struggles that followed the war.

og体育官网 includes papers relating to John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), Louisa Catherine Adams (1775-1852), Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886), Charles Francis Adams II (1835-1915), 和 亨利•亚当斯 (1838-1918) 和 includes a large file of incoming correspondence from hundreds of major 和 minor figures in America 和 Europe. 看到 Massachusetts Historical Society's online catalog, 阿比盖尔, for bibliographic descriptions of other collections relating to the Adams Family, including the Charles Francis Adams PapersMarian Hooper Adams Photographs.


的 Adams Manuscript Trust generously donated the manuscripts to the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1956.


的 亚当斯家族文件 are available on microfilm; see the guide to the microfilm edition 了解更多信息. 看到 机构名单 that hold the microfilm in the U.S. 和国外. Portions of the collection are available online, including images 和 searchable transcriptions of the correspondence between John 和 Abigail Adams, 约翰·亚当斯日记, autobiography of John Adams,和 日记 of John Quincy Adams. 的 previously published volumes of 亚当斯文件, including annotations, index, 和 a search tool, are also available online in the Adams Papers Digital Edition. 看到 Adams Papers editorial project 了解更多信息 about the ongoing effort to publish the papers of John Adams 和 his family.

Additional Manuscript og体育官网 at the MHS Related to the Adams Family

In addition to the 亚当斯家族文件, MHS holds other collections that contain historical documents 和 materials relating to John 和 Abigail Adams 和ir families. 研究ers should search the Society's online catalog, 阿比盖尔; search 收集指南; 和 consult with the reference staff 了解更多信息.

的 papers of Adams family members that extend beyond 1889 include separate collections of 亨利•亚当斯Charles Francis Adams II. For information about other collections containing letters written by John 和 John Quincy Adams, 请参阅 Presidential Letters at the MHS.